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A Word of Introduction :

International Union of the Artistic and Intellectual Societies of the Railroad Employees (FISAIC) was founded by west-european railwaymen already in 1952 in response to a call from France and Swizerland in order to organise and cultivate leisure time activities of raiwaymen both at national and international levels. The Federation currently associates already 22 countries of Europe. Apart from photography the leisure time activities of FISAIC include several other programmes. Czech railwaymen have been members of FISAIC since 1992. In each country there are national unions where railwaymen engaged in specific activities meet. The headquarters of Czech National Union of FISAIC is in the Union of Railways in Prague. (from 1.1.2015, before in ČD, a.s).

This web-page presents activity of the group PHOTO.

The FISAIC national union contact :

Odborové sdružení železničářů FISAIC
Ing. Šmerhová Jarmila

Dům Bohemika, Na Břehu 579/3
CZ - 190 00 Praha 9

e-mail: Český zemský svaz FISAIC